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Title FLAT: Constructing a CLARIN Compatible Home for Language Resources
Authors Menzo Windhouwer, Marc Kemps-Snijders, Paul Trilsbeek, André Moreira, Bas Van der Veen, Guilherme Silva and Daniel Von Reihn
Abstract Language resources are valuable assets, both for institutions and researchers. To safeguard these resources requirements for repository systems and data management have been specified by various branch organizations, e.g., CLARIN and the Data Seal of Approval. This paper describes these and some additional ones posed by the authors’ home institutions. And it shows how they are met by FLAT, to provide a new home for language resources. The basis of FLAT is formed by the Fedora Commons repository system. This repository system can meet many of the requirements out-of-the box, but still additional configuration and some development work is needed to meet the remaining ones, e.g., to add support for Handles and Component Metadata. This paper describes design decisions taken in the construction of FLAT’s system architecture via a mix-and-match strategy, with a preference for the reuse of existing solutions. FLAT is developed and used by the Meertens Institute and The Language Archive, but is also freely available for anyone in need of a CLARIN-compliant repository for their language resources.
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Metadata, LR Infrastructures and Architectures
Full paper FLAT: Constructing a CLARIN Compatible Home for Language Resources
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