Summary of the paper

Title ANTUSD: A Large Chinese Sentiment Dictionary
Authors Shih-Ming Wang and Lun-Wei Ku
Abstract This paper introduces the augmented NTU sentiment dictionary, abbreviated as ANTUSD, which is constructed by collecting sentiment stats of words in several sentiment annotation work. A total of 26,021 words were collected in ANTUSD. For each word, the CopeOpi numerical sentiment score and the number of positive annotation, neutral annotation, negative annotation, non-opinionated annotation, and not-a-word annotation are provided. Words and their sentiment information in ANTUSD have been linked to the Chinese ontology E-HowNet to provide rich semantic information. We demonstrate the usage of ANTUSD in polarity classification of words, and the results show that a superior f-score 98.21 is achieved, which supports the usefulness of the ANTUSD. ANTUSD can be freely obtained through application from NLPSA lab, Academia Sinica:
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Opinion Mining / Sentiment Analysis, Other
Full paper ANTUSD: A Large Chinese Sentiment Dictionary
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