Summary of the paper

Title The Universal Dependencies Treebank of Spoken Slovenian
Authors Kaja Dobrovoljc and Joakim Nivre
Abstract This paper presents the construction of an open-source dependency treebank of spoken Slovenian, the first syntactically annotated collection of spontaneous speech in Slovenian. The treebank has been manually annotated using the Universal Dependencies annotation scheme, a one-layer syntactic annotation scheme with a high degree of cross-modality, cross-framework and cross-language interoperability. In this original application of the scheme to spoken language transcripts, we address a wide spectrum of syntactic particularities in speech, either by extending the scope of application of existing universal labels or by proposing new speech-specific extensions. The initial analysis of the resulting treebank and its comparison with the written Slovenian UD treebank confirms significant syntactic differences between the two language modalities, with spoken data consisting of shorter and more elliptic sentences, less and simpler nominal phrases, and more relations marking disfluencies, interaction, deixis and modality.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Standards for LRs, Grammar and Syntax
Full paper The Universal Dependencies Treebank of Spoken Slovenian
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