Summary of the paper

Title AVAB-DBS: an Audio-Visual Affect Bursts Database for Synthesis
Authors Kevin El Haddad, Huseyin Cakmak, Stéphane Dupont and Thierry Dutoit
Abstract It has been shown that adding expressivity and emotional expressions to an agent's communication systems would improve the interaction quality between this agent and a human user. In this paper we present a multimodal database of affect bursts, which are very short non-verbal expressions with facial, vocal, and gestural components that are highly synchronized and triggered by an identifiable event. This database contains motion capture and audio data of affect bursts representing disgust, startle and surprise recorded at three different levels of arousal each. This database is to be used for synthesis purposes in order to generate affect bursts of these emotions on a continuous arousal level scale.
Topics Emotion Recognition/Generation, Speech Resource/Database, Speech Synthesis
Full paper AVAB-DBS: an Audio-Visual Affect Bursts Database for Synthesis
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