Summary of the paper

Title FOLK-Gold ― A Gold Standard for Part-of-Speech-Tagging of Spoken German
Authors Swantje Westpfahl and Thomas Schmidt
Abstract In this paper, we present a GOLD standard of part-of-speech tagged transcripts of spoken German. The GOLD standard data consists of four annotation layers ― transcription (modified orthography), normalization (standard orthography), lemmatization and POS tags ― all of which have undergone careful manual quality control. It comes with guidelines for the manual POS annotation of transcripts of German spoken data and an extended version of the STTS (Stuttgart Tübingen Tagset) which accounts for phenomena typically found in spontaneous spoken German. The GOLD standard was developed on the basis of the Research and Teaching Corpus of Spoken German, FOLK, and is, to our knowledge, the first such dataset based on a wide variety of spontaneous and authentic interaction types. It can be used as a basis for further development of language technology and corpus linguistic applications for German spoken language.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Part-of-Speech Tagging, Speech Resource/Database
Full paper FOLK-Gold ― A Gold Standard for Part-of-Speech-Tagging of Spoken German
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