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Title C4Corpus: Multilingual Web-size Corpus with Free License
Authors Ivan Habernal, Omnia Zayed and Iryna Gurevych
Abstract Large Web corpora containing full documents with permissive licenses are crucial for many NLP tasks. In this article we present the construction of 12 million-pages Web corpus (over 10 billion tokens) licensed under CreativeCommons license family in 50+ languages that has been extracted from CommonCrawl, the largest publicly available general Web crawl to date with about 2 billion crawled URLs. Our highly-scalable Hadoop-based framework is able to process the full CommonCrawl corpus on 2000+ CPU cluster on the Amazon Elastic Map/Reduce infrastructure. The processing pipeline includes license identification, state-of-the-art boilerplate removal, exact duplicate and near-duplicate document removal, and language detection. The construction of the corpus is highly configurable and fully reproducible, and we provide both the framework (DKPro C4CorpusTools) and the resulting data (C4Corpus) to the research community.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Multilinguality
Full paper C4Corpus: Multilingual Web-size Corpus with Free License
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