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Title WTF-LOD - A New Resource for Large-Scale NER Evaluation
Authors Lubomir Otrusina and Pavel Smrz
Abstract "This paper introduces the Web TextFull linkage to Linked Open Data (WTF-LOD) dataset intended for large-scale evaluation of named entity recognition (NER) systems. First, we present the process of collecting data from the largest publically-available textual corpora, including Wikipedia dumps, monthly runs of the CommonCrawl, and ClueWeb09/12. We discuss similarities and differences of related initiatives such as WikiLinks and WikiReverse. Our work primarily focuses on links from ""textfull"" documents (links surrounded by a text that provides a useful context for entity linking), de-duplication of the data and advanced cleaning procedures. Presented statistics demonstrate that the collected data forms one of the largest available resource of its kind. They also prove suitability of the result for complex NER evaluation campaigns, including an analysis of the most ambiguous name mentions appearing in the data."
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Named Entity Recognition, Linked Data
Full paper WTF-LOD - A New Resource for Large-Scale NER Evaluation
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