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Title AfriBooms: An Online Treebank for Afrikaans
Authors Liesbeth Augustinus, Peter Dirix, Daniel Van Niekerk, Ineke Schuurman, Vincent Vandeghinste, Frank Van Eynde and Gerhard Van Huyssteen
Abstract Compared to well-resourced languages such as English and Dutch, natural language processing (NLP) tools for Afrikaans are still not abundant. In the context of the AfriBooms project, KU Leuven and the North-West University collaborated to develop a first, small treebank, a dependency parser, and an easy to use online linguistic search engine for Afrikaans for use by researchers and students in the humanities and social sciences. The search tool is based on a similar development for Dutch, i.e. GrETEL, a user-friendly search engine which allows users to query a treebank by means of a natural language example instead of a formal search instruction.
Topics Parsing, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Grammar and Syntax
Full paper AfriBooms: An Online Treebank for Afrikaans
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