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Title Corpus-Based Diacritic Restoration for South Slavic Languages
Authors Nikola Ljubešić, Tomaž Erjavec and Darja Fišer
Abstract In computer-mediated communication, Latin-based scripts users often omit diacritics when writing. Such text is typically easily understandable to humans but very difficult for computational processing because many words become ambiguous or unknown. Letter-level approaches to diacritic restoration generalise better and do not require a lot of training data but word-level approaches tend to yield better results. However, they typically rely on a lexicon which is an expensive resource, not covering non-standard forms, and often not available for less-resourced languages. In this paper we present diacritic restoration models that are trained on easy-to-acquire corpora. We test three different types of corpora (Wikipedia, general web, Twitter) for three South Slavic languages (Croatian, Serbian and Slovene) and evaluate them on two types of text: standard (Wikipedia) and non-standard (Twitter). The proposed approach considerably outperforms charlifter, so far the only open source tool available for this task. We make the best performing systems freely available.
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
Full paper Corpus-Based Diacritic Restoration for South Slavic Languages
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