Summary of the paper

Title Fine-Grained Chinese Discourse Relation Labelling
Authors Huan-Yuan Chen, Wan-Shan Liao, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen
Abstract This paper explores several aspects together for a fine-grained Chinese discourse analysis. We deal with the issues of ambiguous discourse markers, ambiguous marker linkings, and more than one discourse marker. A universal feature representation is proposed. The pair-once postulation, cross-discourse-unit-first rule and word-pair-marker-first rule select a set of discourse markers from ambiguous linkings. Marker-Sum feature considers total contribution of markers and Marker-Preference feature captures the probability distribution of discourse functions of a representative marker by using preference rule. The HIT Chinese discourse relation treebank (HIT-CDTB) is used to evaluate the proposed models. The 25-way classifier achieves 0.57 micro-averaged F-score.
Topics Discourse Annotation, Representation and Processing, Tools, Systems, Applications, Other
Full paper Fine-Grained Chinese Discourse Relation Labelling
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