Summary of the paper

Title DeQue: A Lexicon of Complex Prepositions and Conjunctions in French
Authors Carlos Ramisch, Alexis Nasr, André Valli and José Deulofeu
Abstract "We introduce DeQue, a lexicon covering French complex prepositions (CPRE) like ""à partir de"" (from) and complex conjunctions (CCONJ) like ""bien que"" (although). The lexicon includes fine-grained linguistic description based on empirical evidence. We describe the general characteristics of CPRE and CCONJ in French, with special focus on syntactic ambiguity. Then, we list the selection criteria used to build the lexicon and the corpus-based methodology employed to collect entries. Finally, we quantify the ambiguity of each construction by annotating around 100 sentences randomly taken from the FRWaC. In addition to its theoretical value, the resource has many potential practical applications. We intend to employ DeQue for treebank annotation and to train a dependency parser that can takes complex constructions into account."
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, MultiWord Expressions & Collocations, Other
Full paper DeQue: A Lexicon of Complex Prepositions and Conjunctions in French
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