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Title Classifying Out-of-vocabulary Terms in a Domain-Specific Social Media Corpus
Authors SoHyun Park, Afsaneh Fazly, Annie Lee, Brandon Seibel, Wenjie Zi and Paul Cook
Abstract In this paper we consider the problem of out-of-vocabulary term classification in web forum text from the automotive domain. We develop a set of nine domain- and application-specific categories for out-of-vocabulary terms. We then propose a supervised approach to classify out-of-vocabulary terms according to these categories, drawing on features based on word embeddings, and linguistic knowledge of common properties of out-of-vocabulary terms. We show that the features based on word embeddings are particularly informative for this task. The categories that we predict could serve as a preliminary, automatically-generated source of lexical knowledge about out-of-vocabulary terms. Furthermore, we show that this approach can be adapted to give a semi-automated method for identifying out-of-vocabulary terms of a particular category, automotive named entities, that is of particular interest to us.
Topics Social Media Processing, Lexicon, Lexical Database, Acquisition
Full paper Classifying Out-of-vocabulary Terms in a Domain-Specific Social Media Corpus
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