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Title CORILSE: a Spanish Sign Language Repository for Linguistic Analysis
Authors María del Carmen Cabeza-Pereiro, José Mª García-Miguel, Carmen García Mateo and José Luis Alba Castro
Abstract CORILSE is a computerized corpus of Spanish Sign Language (Lengua de Signos Española, LSE). It consists of a set of recordings from different discourse genres by Galician signers living in the city of Vigo. In this paper we describe its annotation system, developed on the basis of pre-existing ones (mostly the model of Auslan corpus). This includes primary annotation of id-glosses for manual signs, annotation of non-manual component, and secondary annotation of grammatical categories and relations, because this corpus is been built for grammatical analysis, in particular argument structures in LSE. Up until this moment the annotation has been basically made by hand, which is a slow and time-consuming task. The need to facilitate this process leads us to engage in the development of automatic or semi-automatic tools for manual and facial recognition. Finally, we also present the web repository that will make the corpus available to different types of users, and will allow its exploitation for research purposes and other applications (e.g. teaching of LSE or design of tasks for signed language assessment).
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Sign Language Recognition/Generation, Semantics
Full paper CORILSE: a Spanish Sign Language Repository for Linguistic Analysis
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