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Title Corpus Annotation within the French FrameNet: a Domain-by-domain Methodology
Authors Marianne Djemaa, Marie Candito, Philippe Muller and Laure Vieu
Abstract This paper reports on the development of a French FrameNet, within the ASFALDA project. While the first phase of the project focused on the development of a French set of frames and corresponding lexicon (Candito et al., 2014), this paper concentrates on the subsequent corpus annotation phase, which focused on four notional domains (commercial transactions, cognitive stances, causality and verbal communication). Given full coverage is not reachable for a relatively “new” FrameNet project, we advocate that focusing on specific notional domains allowed us to obtain full lexical coverage for the frames of these domains, while partially reflecting word sense ambiguities. Furthermore, as frames and roles were annotated on two French Treebanks (the French Treebank (Abeillé and Barrier, 2004) and the Sequoia Treebank (Candito and Seddah, 2012), we were able to extract a syntactico-semantic lexicon from the annotated frames. In the resource’s current status, there are 98 frames, 662 frame evoking words, 872 senses, and about 13000 annotated frames, with their semantic roles assigned to portions of text. The French FrameNet is freely available at
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Semantics, Grammar and Syntax
Full paper Corpus Annotation within the French FrameNet: a Domain-by-domain Methodology
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