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Title PROMETHEUS: A Corpus of Proverbs Annotated with Metaphors
Authors Gözde Özbal, Carlo Strapparava and Serra Sinem Tekiroglu
Abstract Proverbs are commonly metaphoric in nature and the mapping across domains is commonly established in proverbs. The abundance of proverbs in terms of metaphors makes them an extremely valuable linguistic resource since they can be utilized as a gold standard for various metaphor related linguistic tasks such as metaphor identification or interpretation. Besides, a collection of proverbs fromvarious languages annotated with metaphors would also be essential for social scientists to explore the cultural differences betweenthose languages. In this paper, we introduce PROMETHEUS, a dataset consisting of English proverbs and their equivalents in Italian.In addition to the word-level metaphor annotations for each proverb, PROMETHEUS contains other types of information such as the metaphoricity degree of the overall proverb, its meaning, the century that it was first recorded in and a pair of subjective questions responded by the annotators. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first multi-lingual and open-domain corpus of proverbs annotated with word-level metaphors.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Semantics, Multilinguality
Full paper PROMETHEUS: A Corpus of Proverbs Annotated with Metaphors
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