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Title Creating Annotated Dialogue Resources: Cross-domain Dialogue Act Classification
Authors Dilafruz Amanova, Volha Petukhova and Dietrich Klakow
Abstract This paper describes a method to automatically create dialogue resources annotated with dialogue act information by reusing existing dialogue corpora. Numerous dialogue corpora are available for research purposes and many of them are annotated with dialogue act information that captures the intentions encoded in user utterances. Annotated dialogue resources, however, differ in various respects: data collection settings and modalities used, dialogue task domains and scenarios (if any) underlying the collection, number and roles of dialogue participants involved and dialogue act annotation schemes applied. The presented study encompasses three phases of data-driven investigation. We, first, assess the importance of various types of features and their combinations for effective cross-domain dialogue act classification. Second, we establish the best predictive model comparing various cross-corpora training settings. Finally, we specify models adaptation procedures and explore late fusion approaches to optimize the overall classification decision taking process. The proposed methodology accounts for empirically motivated and technically sound classification procedures that may reduce annotation and training costs significantly.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Dialogue, Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
Full paper Creating Annotated Dialogue Resources: Cross-domain Dialogue Act Classification
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