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Title User, who art thou? User Profiling for Oral Corpus Platforms
Authors Christian Fandrych, Elena Frick, Hanna Hedeland, Anna Iliash, Daniel Jettka, Cordula Meißner, Thomas Schmidt, Franziska Wallner, Kathrin Weigert and Swantje Westpfahl
Abstract This contribution presents the background, design and results of a study of users of three oral corpus platforms in Germany. Roughly 5.000 registered users of the Database for Spoken German (DGD), the GeWiss corpus and the corpora of the Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora (HZSK) were asked to participate in a user survey. This quantitative approach was complemented by qualitative interviews with selected users. We briefly introduce the corpus resources involved in the study in section 2. Section 3 describes the methods employed in the user studies. Section 4 summarizes results of the studies focusing on selected key topics. Section 5 attempts a generalization of these results to larger contexts.
Topics Usability, User Satisfaction, Speech Resource/Database, Other
Full paper User, who art thou? User Profiling for Oral Corpus Platforms
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