Summary of the paper

Title WikiCoref: An English Coreference-annotated Corpus of Wikipedia Articles
Authors Abbas Ghaddar and Phillippe Langlais
Abstract This paper presents WikiCoref, an English corpus annotated for anaphoric relations, where all documents are from the English version of Wikipedia. Our annotation scheme follows the one of OntoNotes with a few disparities. We annotated each markable with coreference type, mention type and the equivalent Freebase topic. Since most similar annotation efforts concentrate on very specific types of written text, mainly newswire, there is a lack of resources for otherwise over-used Wikipedia texts. The corpus described in this paper addresses this issue. We present a freely available resource we initially devised for improving coreference resolution algorithms dedicated to Wikipedia texts. Our corpus has no restriction on the topics of the documents being annotated, and documents of various sizes have been considered for annotation.
Topics Anaphora, Coreference, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Linked Data
Full paper WikiCoref: An English Coreference-annotated Corpus of Wikipedia Articles
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