Summary of the paper

Title Evaluating a Topic Modelling Approach to Measuring Corpus Similarity
Authors Richard Fothergill, Paul Cook and Timothy Baldwin
Abstract Web corpora are often constructed automatically, and their contents are therefore often not well understood. One technique for assessing the composition of such a web corpus is to empirically measure its similarity to a reference corpus whose composition is known. In this paper we evaluate a number of measures of corpus similarity, including a method based on topic modelling which has not been previously evaluated for this task. To evaluate these methods we use known-similarity corpora that have been previously used for this purpose, as well as a number of newly-constructed known-similarity corpora targeting differences in genre, topic, time, and region. Our findings indicate that, overall, the topic modelling approach did not improve on a chi-square method that had previously been found to work well for measuring corpus similarity.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Evaluation Methodologies, Validation of LRs
Full paper Evaluating a Topic Modelling Approach to Measuring Corpus Similarity
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