Summary of the paper

Title Compilation of an Arabic Children’s Corpus
Authors Latifa Al-Sulaiti, Noorhan Abbas, Claire Brierley, Eric Atwell and Ayman Alghamdi
Abstract Inspired by the Oxford Children's Corpus, we have developed a prototype corpus of Arabic texts written and/or selected for children. Our Arabic Children's Corpus of 2950 documents and nearly 2 million words has been collected manually from the web during a 3-month project. It is of high quality, and contains a range of different children's genres based on sources located, including classic tales from The Arabian Nights, and popular fictional characters such as Goha. We anticipate that the current and subsequent versions of our corpus will lead to interesting studies in text classification, language use, and ideology in children's texts.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Document Classification, Text categorisation, Metadata
Full paper Compilation of an Arabic Children’s Corpus
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