Summary of the paper

Title Concepticon: A Resource for the Linking of Concept Lists
Authors Johann-Mattis List, Michael Cysouw and Robert Forkel
Abstract We present an attempt to link the large amount of different concept lists which are used in the linguistic literature, ranging from Swadesh lists in historical linguistics to naming tests in clinical studies and psycholinguistics. This resource, our Concepticon, links 30 222 concept labels from 160 conceptlists to 2495 concept sets. Each concept set is given a unique identifier, a unique label, and a human-readable definition. Concept sets are further structured by defining different relations between the concepts. The resource can be used for various purposes. Serving as a rich reference for new and existing databases in diachronic and synchronic linguistics, it allows researchers a quick access to studies on semantic change, cross-linguistic polysemies, and semantic associations.
Topics Linked Data, Semantic Web, Semantics
Full paper Concepticon: A Resource for the Linking of Concept Lists
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