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Title Review on the Existing Language Resources for Languages of France
Authors Thibault Grouas, Valérie Mapelli and Quentin Samier
Abstract With the support of the DGLFLF, ELDA conducted an inventory of existing language resources for the regional languages of France. The main aim of this inventory was to assess the exploitability of the identified resources within technologies. A total of 2,299 Language Resources were identified. As a second step, a deeper analysis of a set of three language groups (Breton, Occitan, overseas languages) was carried out along with a focus of their exploitability within three technologies: automatic translation, voice recognition/synthesis and spell checkers. The survey was followed by the organisation of the TLRF2015 Conference which aimed to present the state of the art in the field of the Technologies for Regional Languages of France. The next step will be to activate the network of specialists built up during the TLRF conference and to begin the organisation of a second TLRF conference. Meanwhile, the French Ministry of Culture continues its actions related to linguistic diversity and technology, in particular through a project with Wikimedia France related to contributions to Wikipedia in regional languages, the upcoming new version of the “Corpus de la Parole” and the reinforcement of the DGLFLF's Observatory of Linguistic Practices.
Topics LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues, Metadata, Other
Full paper Review on the Existing Language Resources for Languages of France
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