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Title The ELRA License Wizard
Authors Valérie Mapelli, Vladimir Popescu, Lin Liu, Fernández Barrera, Meritxell and Khalid Choukri
Abstract To allow an easy understanding of the various licenses that exist for the use of Language Resources (ELRA's, META-SHARE's, Creative Commons', etc.), ELRA has developed a License Wizardto help the right-holders share/distribute their resources under the appropriate license. It also aims to be exploited by users to better understand the legal obligations that apply in various licensing situations. The present paper elaborates on the License Wizard functionalities of this web configurator, which enables to select a number of legal features and obtain the user license adapted to the users selection, to define which user licenses they would like to select in order to distribute their Language Resources, to integrate the user license terms into a Distribution Agreement that could be proposed to ELRA or META-SHARE for further distribution through the ELRA Catalogue of Language Resources. Thanks to a flexible back office, the structure of the legal feature selection can easily be reviewed to include other features that may be relevant for other licenses. Integrating contributions from other initiatives thus aim to be one of the obvious next steps, with a special focus on CLARIN and Linked Data experiences.
Topics LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues, Web Services, Other
Full paper The ELRA License Wizard
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