Summary of the paper

Title OPFI: A Tool for Opinion Finding in Polish
Authors Aleksander Wawer
Abstract The paper contains a description of OPFI: Opinion Finder for the Polish Language, a freely available tool for opinion target extraction. The goal of the tool is opinion finding: a task of identifying tuples composed of sentiment (positive or negative) and its target (about what or whom is the sentiment expressed). OPFI is not dependent on any particular method of sentiment identification and provides a built-in sentiment dictionary as a convenient option. Technically, it contains implementations of three different modes of opinion tuple generation: one hybrid based on dependency parsing and CRF, the second based on shallow parsing and the third on deep learning, namely GRU neural network. The paper also contains a description of related language resources: two annotated treebanks and one set of tweets.
Topics Opinion Mining / Sentiment Analysis, Other
Full paper OPFI: A Tool for Opinion Finding in Polish
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