Summary of the paper

Title The on-line version of Grammatical Dictionary of Polish
Authors Marcin Woliński and Witold Kieraś
Abstract We present the new online edition of a dictionary of Polish inflection ― the Grammatical Dictionary of Polish ( The dictionary is interesting for several reasons: it is comprehensive (over 330,000 lexemes corresponding to almost 4,300,000 different textual words; 1116 handcrafted inflectional patterns), the inflection is presented in an explicit manner in the form of carefully designed tables, the user interface facilitates advanced queries by several features (lemmas, forms, applicable grammatical categories, types of inflection). Moreover, the data of the dictionary is used in morphological analysers, including our product Morfeusz (http://sgjp. pl/morfeusz). From the start, the dictionary was meant to be comfortable for the human reader as well as to be ready for use in NLP applications. In the paper we briefly discuss both aspects of the resource.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Morphology, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper The on-line version of Grammatical Dictionary of Polish
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