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Title CodE Alltag: A German-Language E-Mail Corpus
Authors Ulrike Krieg-Holz, Christian Schuschnig, Franz Matthies, Benjamin Redling and Udo Hahn
Abstract We introduce CODE ALLTAG, a text corpus composed of German-language e-mails. It is divided into two partitions: the first of these portions, CODE ALLTAG_XL, consists of a bulk-size collection drawn from an openly accessible e-mail archive (roughly 1.5M e-mails), whereas the second portion, CODE ALLTAG_S+d, is much smaller in size (less than thousand e-mails), yet excels with demographic data from each author of an e-mail. CODE ALLTAG, thus, currently constitutes the largest E-Mail corpus ever built. In this paper, we describe, for both parts, the solicitation process for gathering e-mails, present descriptive statistical properties of the corpus, and, for CODE ALLTAG_S+d, reveal a compilation of demographic features of the donors of e-mails.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues, Social Media Processing
Full paper CodE Alltag: A German-Language E-Mail Corpus
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