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Title Arabic Corpora for Credibility Analysis
Authors Ayman Al Zaatari, Rim El Ballouli, Shady ELbassouni, Wassim El-Hajj, Hazem Hajj, Khaled Shaban, Nizar Habash and Emad Yahya
Abstract A significant portion of data generated on blogging and microblogging websites is non-credible as shown in many recent studies. To filter out such non-credible information, machine learning can be deployed to build automatic credibility classifiers. However, as in the case with most supervised machine learning approaches, a sufficiently large and accurate training data must be available. In this paper, we focus on building a public Arabic corpus of blogs and microblogs that can be used for credibility classification. We focus on Arabic due to the recent popularity of blogs and microblogs in the Arab World and due to the lack of any such public corpora in Arabic. We discuss our data acquisition approach and annotation process, provide rigid analysis on the annotated data and finally report some results on the effectiveness of our data for credibility classification.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Crowdsourcing, Text Mining
Full paper Arabic Corpora for Credibility Analysis
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