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Title Enhanced CORILGA: Introducing the Automatic Phonetic Alignment Tool for Continuous Speech
Authors Roberto Seara, Marta Martinez, Rocio Varela, Carmen García Mateo, Elisa Fernandez Rei and Xose Luis Regueira
Abstract "The ""Corpus Oral Informatizado da Lingua Galega (CORILGA)"" project aims at building a corpus of oral language for Galician, primarily designed to study the linguistic variation and change. This project is currently under development and it is periodically enriched with new contributions. The long-term goal is that all the speech recordings will be enriched with phonetic, syllabic, morphosyntactic, lexical and sentence ELAN-complaint annotations. A way to speed up the process of annotation is to use automatic speech-recognition-based tools tailored to the application. Therefore, CORILGA repository has been enhanced with an automatic alignment tool, available to the administrator of the repository, that aligns speech with an orthographic transcription. In the event that no transcription, or just a partial one, were available, a speech recognizer for Galician is used to generate word and phonetic segmentations. These recognized outputs may contain errors that will have to be manually corrected by the administrator. For assisting this task, the tool also provides an ELAN tier with the confidence measure of each recognized word. In this paper, after the description of the main facts of the CORILGA corpus, the speech alignment and recognition tools are described. Both have been developed using the Kaldi toolkit."
Topics Speech Resource/Database, Speech Recognition/Understanding, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper Enhanced CORILGA: Introducing the Automatic Phonetic Alignment Tool for Continuous Speech
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