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Title Axolotl: a Web Accessible Parallel Corpus for Spanish-Nahuatl
Authors Ximena Gutierrez-Vasques, Gerardo Sierra and Isaac Hernandez Pompa
Abstract This paper describes the project called Axolotl which comprises a Spanish-Nahuatl parallel corpus and its search interface. Spanish and Nahuatl are distant languages spoken in the same country. Due to the scarcity of digital resources, we describe the several problems that arose when compiling this corpus: most of our sources were non-digital books, we faced errors when digitizing the sources and there were difficulties in the sentence alignment process, just to mention some. The documents of the parallel corpus are not homogeneous, they were extracted from different sources, there is dialectal, diachronical, and orthographical variation. Additionally, we present a web search interface that allows to make queries through the whole parallel corpus, the system is capable to retrieve the parallel fragments that contain a word or phrase searched by a user in any of the languages. To our knowledge, this is the first Spanish-Nahuatl public available digital parallel corpus. We think that this resource can be useful to develop language technologies and linguistic studies for this language pair.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Web Services, Multilinguality
Full paper Axolotl: a Web Accessible Parallel Corpus for Spanish-Nahuatl
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