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Title Croatian Error-Annotated Corpus of Non-Professional Written Language
Authors Vanja Štefanec, Nikola Ljubešić and Jelena Kuvač Kraljević
Abstract In the paper authors present the Croatian corpus of non-professional written language. Consisting of two subcorpora, i.e. the clinical subcorpus, consisting of written texts produced by speakers with various types of language disorders, and the healthy speakers subcorpus, as well as by the levels of its annotation, it offers an opportunity for different lines of research. The authors present the corpus structure, describe the sampling methodology, explain the levels of annotation, and give some very basic statistics. On the basis of data from the corpus, existing language technologies for Croatian are adapted in order to be implemented in a platform facilitating text production to speakers with language disorders. In this respect, several analyses of the corpus data and a basic evaluation of the developed technologies are presented.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Tools, Systems, Applications, Validation of LRs
Full paper Croatian Error-Annotated Corpus of Non-Professional Written Language
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