Summary of the paper

Title Event Coreference Resolution with Multi-Pass Sieves
Authors Jing Lu and Vincent Ng
Abstract Multi-pass sieve approaches have been successfully applied to entity coreference resolution and many other tasks in natural language processing (NLP), owing in part to the ease of designing high-precision rules for these tasks. However, the same is not true for event coreference resolution: typically lying towards the end of the standard information extraction pipeline, an event coreference resolver assumes as input the noisy outputs of its upstream components such as the trigger identification component and the entity coreference resolution component. The difficulty in designing high-precision rules makes it challenging to successfully apply a multi-pass sieve approach to event coreference resolution. In this paper, we investigate this challenge, proposing the first multi-pass sieve approach to event coreference resolution. When evaluated on the version of the KBP 2015 corpus available to the participants of EN Task 2 (Event Nugget Detection and Coreference), our approach achieves an Avg F-score of 40.32%, outperforming the best participating system by 0.67% in Avg F-score.
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Text Mining, Question Answering
Full paper Event Coreference Resolution with Multi-Pass Sieves
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