Summary of the paper

Title Entity Linking with a Paraphrase Flavor
Authors Maria Pershina, Yifan He and Ralph Grishman
Abstract The task of Named Entity Linking is to link entity mentions in the document to their correct entries in a knowledge base and to cluster NIL mentions. Ambiguous, misspelled, and incomplete entity mention names are the main challenges in the linking process. We propose a novel approach that combines two state-of-the-art models ― for entity disambiguation and for paraphrase detection ― to overcome these challenges. We consider name variations as paraphrases of the same entity mention and adopt a paraphrase model for this task. Our approach utilizes a graph-based disambiguation model based on Personalized Page Rank, and then refines and clusters its output using the paraphrase similarity between entity mention strings. It achieves a competitive performance of 80.5% in B3+F clustering score on diagnostic TAC EDL 2014 data.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Other
Full paper Entity Linking with a Paraphrase Flavor
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