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Title LexTerm Manager: Design for an Integrated Lexicography and Terminology System
Authors Joshua Elliot, Logan Kearsley, Jason Housley and Alan Melby
Abstract We present a design for a multi-modal database system for lexical information that can be accessed in either lexicographical or terminological views. The use of a single merged data model makes it easy to transfer common information between termbases and dictionaries, thus facilitating information sharing and re-use. Our combined model is based on the LMF and TMF metamodels for lexicographical and terminological databases and is compatible with both, thus allowing for the import of information from existing dictionaries and termbases, which may be transferred to the complementary view and re-exported. We also present a new Linguistic Configuration Model, analogous to a TBX XCS file, which can be used to specify multiple language-specific schemata for validating and understanding lexical information in a single database. Linguistic configurations are mutable and can be refined and evolved over time as understanding of documentary needs improves. The system is designed with a client-server architecture using the HTTP protocol, allowing for the independent implementation of multiple clients for specific use cases and easy deployment over the web.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, LR Infrastructures and Architectures
Full paper LexTerm Manager: Design for an Integrated Lexicography and Terminology System
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