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Title Detecting Subevent Structure for Event Coreference Resolution
Authors Jun Araki, Zhengzhong Liu, Eduard Hovy and Teruko Mitamura
Abstract In the task of event coreference resolution, recent work has shown the need to perform not only full coreference but also partial coreference of events. We show that subevents can form a particular hierarchical event structure. This paper examines a novel two-stage approach to finding and improving subevent structures. First, we introduce a multiclass logistic regression model that can detect subevent relations in addition to full coreference. Second, we propose a method to improve subevent structure based on subevent clusters detected by the model. Using a corpus in the Intelligence Community domain, we show that the method achieves over 3.2 BLANC F1 gain in detecting subevent relations against the logistic regression model.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Other
Full paper Detecting Subevent Structure for Event Coreference Resolution
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