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Title Developing a French FrameNet: Methodology and First results
Authors Marie Candito, Pascal Amsili, Lucie Barque, Farah Benamara, Gaël De Chalendar, Marianne Djemaa, Pauline Haas, Richard Huyghe, Yvette Yannick Mathieu, Philippe Muller, Benoît Sagot and Laure Vieu
Abstract The Asfalda project aims to develop a French corpus with frame-based semantic annotations and automatic tools for shallow semantic analysis. We present the first part of the project: focusing on a set of notional domains, we delimited a subset of English frames, adapted them to French data when necessary, and developed the corresponding French lexicon. We believe that working domain by domain helped us to enforce the coherence of the resulting resource, and also has the advantage that, though the number of frames is limited (around a hundred), we obtain full coverage within a given domain.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.)
Full paper Developing a French FrameNet: Methodology and First results
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