Summary of the paper

Title The SYN-series Corpora of Written Czech
Authors Milena Hnátková, Michal Křen, Pavel Procházka and Hana Skoumalová
Abstract The paper overviews the SYN series of synchronic corpora of written Czech compiled within the framework of the Czech National Corpus project. It describes their design and processing with a focus on the annotation, i.e. lemmatization and morphological tagging. The paper also introduces SYN2013PUB, a new 935-million newspaper corpus of Czech published in 2013 as the most recent addition to the SYN series before planned revision of its architecture. SYN2013PUB can be seen as a completion of the series in terms of titles and publication dates of major Czech newspapers that are now covered by complete volumes in comparable proportions. All SYN-series corpora can be characterized as traditional, with emphasis on cleared copyright issues, well-defined composition, reliable metadata and high-quality data processing; their overall size currently exceeds 2.2 billion running words.
Topics LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues, Morphology
Full paper The SYN-series Corpora of Written Czech
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