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Title Evaluating the Effects of Interactivity in a Post-Editing Workbench
Authors Nancy Underwood, Bartolomé Mesa-Lao, Mercedes García Martínez, Michael Carl, Vicent Alabau, Jesús González-Rubio, Luis A. Leiva, Germán Sanchis-Trilles, Daniel Ortíz-Martínez and Francisco Casacuberta
Abstract This paper describes the field trial and subsequent evaluation of a post-editing workbench which is currently under development in the EU-funded CasMaCat project. Based on user evaluations of the initial prototype of the workbench, this second prototype of the workbench includes a number of interactive features designed to improve productivity and user satisfaction. Using CasMaCat's own facilities for logging keystrokes and eye tracking, data were collected from nine post-editors in a professional setting. These data were then used to investigate the effects of the interactive features on productivity, quality, user satisfaction and cognitive load as reflected in the post-editors’ gaze activity. These quantitative results are combined with the qualitative results derived from user questionnaires and interviews conducted with all the participants.
Topics Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation, Usability, User Satisfaction
Full paper Evaluating the Effects of Interactivity in a Post-Editing Workbench
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