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Title LexTec - a Rich Language Resource for Technical Domains in Portuguese
Authors Palmira Marrafa, Raquel Amaro and Sara Mendes
Abstract The growing amount of available information and the importance given to the access to technical information enhance the potential role of NLP applications in enabling users to deal with information for a variety of knowledge domains. In this process, language resources are crucial. This paper presents Lextec, a rich computational language resource for technical vocabulary in Portuguese. Encoding a representative set of terms for ten different technical domains, this concept-based relational language resource combines a wide range of linguistic information by integrating each entry in a domain-specific wordnet and associating it with a precise definition for each lexicalization in the technical domain at stake, illustrative texts and information for translation into English.
Topics Ontologies, Semantics
Full paper LexTec - a Rich Language Resource for Technical Domains in Portuguese
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