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Title Towards Building a Kashmiri Treebank: Setting up the Annotation Pipeline
Authors Riyaz Ahmad Bhat, Shahid Musjtaq Bhat and Dipti Misra Sharma
Abstract Kashmiri is a resource poor language with very less computational and language resources available for its text processing. As the main contribution of this paper, we present an initial version of the Kashmiri Dependency Treebank. The treebank consists of 1,000 sentences (17,462 tokens), annotated with part-of-speech (POS), chunk and dependency information. The treebank has been manually annotated using the Paninian Computational Grammar (PCG) formalism (Begum et al., 2008; Bharati et al., 2009). This version of Kashmiri treebank is an extension of its earlier verion of 500 sentences (Bhat, 2012), a pilot experiment aimed at defining the annotation guidelines on a small subset of Kashmiri corpora. In this paper, we have refined the guidelines with some significant changes and have carried out inter-annotator agreement studies to ascertain its quality. We also present a dependency parsing pipeline, consisting of a tokenizer, a stemmer, a POS tagger, a chunker and an inter-chunk dependency parser. It, therefore, constitutes the first freely available, open source dependency parser of Kashmiri, setting the initial baseline for Kashmiri dependency parsing.
Topics Parsing, Grammar and Syntax
Full paper Towards Building a Kashmiri Treebank: Setting up the Annotation Pipeline
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