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Title Application of a Semantic Search Algorithm to Semi-Automatic GUI Generation
Authors Maria Teresa Pazienza, Noemi Scarpato and Armando Stellato
Abstract The Semantic Search research field aims to query metadata and to identify relevant subgraphs. While in traditional search engines queries are composed by lists of keywords connected through boolean operators, Semantic Search instead, requires the submission of semantic queries that are structured as a graph of concepts, entities and relations. Submission of this graph is however not trivial as while a list of keywords of interest can be provided by any user, the formulation of semantic queries is not easy as well. One of the main challenges of RDF Browsers lies in the implementation of interfaces that allow the common user to submit semantic queries by hiding their complexity. Furthermore a good semantic search algorithm is not enough to fullfil user needs, it is worthwhile to implement visualization methods which can support users in intuitively understanding why and how the results were retrieved. In this paper we present a novel solution to query RDF datasets and to browse the results of the queries in an appealing manner.
Topics Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Semantic Web, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Application of a Semantic Search Algorithm to Semi-Automatic GUI Generation
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