Summary of the paper

Title Web Service integration platform for Polish linguistic resources
Authors Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Michał Lenart
Abstract This paper presents a robust linguistic Web service framework for Polish, combining several mature offline linguistic tools in a common online platform. The toolset comprise paragraph-, sentence- and token-level segmenter, morphological analyser, disambiguating tagger, shallow and deep parser, named entity recognizer and coreference resolver. Uniform access to processing results is provided by means of a stand-off packaged adaptation of National Corpus of Polish TEI P5-based representation and interchange format. A concept of asynchronous handling of requests sent to the implemented Web service (Multiservice) is introduced to enable processing large amounts of text by setting up language processing chains of desired complexity. Apart from a dedicated API, a simpleWeb interface to the service is presented, allowing to compose a chain of annotation services, run it and periodically check for execution results, made available as plain XML or in a simple visualization. Usage examples and results from performance and scalability tests are also included.
Topics Web Services, Tools, systems, applications, LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues
Full paper Web Service integration platform for Polish linguistic resources
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