Summary of the paper

Title SUTAV: A Turkish Audio-Visual Database
Authors Ibrahim Saygin Topkaya and Hakan Erdogan
Abstract This paper contains information about the """"Sabanci University Turkish Audio-Visual (SUTAV)"""" database. The main aim of collecting SUTAV database was to obtain a large audio-visual collection of spoken words, numbers and sentences in Turkish language. The database was collected between 2006 and 2010 during """"Novel approaches in audio-visual speech recognition"""" project which is funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). First part of the database contains a large corpus of Turkish language and contains standart quality videos. The second part is relatively small compared to the first one and contains recordings of spoken digits in high quality videos. Although the main aim to collect SUTAV database was to obtain a database for audio-visual speech recognition applications, it also contains useful data that can be used in other kinds of multimodal research like biometric security and person verification. The paper presents information about the data collection process and the the spoken content. It also contains a sample evaluation protocol and recognition results that are obtained with a small portion of the database.
Topics Speech resource/database, Phonetic Databases, Phonology
Full paper SUTAV: A Turkish Audio-Visual Database
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