Summary of the paper

Title Iula2Standoff: a tool for creating standoff documents for the IULACT
Authors Carlos Morell, Jorge Vivaldi and Núria Bel
Abstract Due to the increase in the number and depth of analyses required over the text, like entity recognition, POS tagging, syntactic analysis, etc. the annotation in-line has become unpractical. In Natural Language Processing (NLP) some emphasis has been placed in finding an annotation method to solve this problem. A possibility is the standoff annotation. With this annotation style it is possible to add new levels of annotation without disturbing exiting ones, with minimal knock on effects. This annotation will increase the possibility of adding more linguistic information as well as more possibilities for sharing textual resources. In this paper we present a tool developed in the framework of the European Metanet4u (Enhancing the European Linguistic Infrastructure, GA 270893) for creating a multi-layered XML annotation scheme, based on the GrAF proposal for standoff annotations.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Standards for LRs
Full paper Iula2Standoff: a tool for creating standoff documents for the IULACT
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