Summary of the paper

Title Metaphor Corpus Annotated for Source - Target Domain Mappings
Authors Ekaterina Shutova and Simone Teufel
Abstract Besides making our thoughts more vivid and filling our communication with richer imagery, metaphor also plays an important structural role in our cognition. Although there is a consensus in the linguistics and NLP research communities that the phenomenon of metaphor is not restricted to similarity-based extensions of meanings of isolated words, but rather involves reconceptualization of a whole area of experience (target domain) in terms of another (source domain), there still has been no proposal for a comprehensive procedure for annotation of cross-domain mappings. However, a corpus annotated for conceptual mappings could provide a new starting point for both linguistic and cognitive experiments. The annotation scheme we present in this paper is a step towards filling this gap. We test our procedure in an experimental setting involving multiple annotators and estimate their agreement on the task. The associated corpus annotated for source ― target domain mappings will be publicly available.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Semantics, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper Metaphor Corpus Annotated for Source - Target Domain Mappings
Slides Metaphor Corpus Annotated for Source - Target Domain Mappings
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