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Title Sign Language Corpora for Analysis, Processing and Evaluation
Authors Annelies Braffort, Laurence Bolot, Emilie Chételat-Pelé, Annick Choisier, Maxime Delorme, Michael Filhol, Jérémie Segouat, Cyril Verrecchia, Flora Badin and Nadège Devos
Abstract Sign Languages (SLs) are the visuo-gestural languages practised by the deaf communities. Research on SLs requires to build, to analyse and to use corpora. The aim of this paper is to present various kinds of new uses of SL corpora. The way data are used take advantage of the new capabilities of annotation software for visualisation, numerical annotation, and processing. The nature of the data can be video-based or motion capture-based. The aims of the studies include language analysis, animation processing, and evaluation. We describe here some LIMSI’s studies, and some studies from other laboratories as examples.
Topics Sign Language Recognition/Generation, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Language modelling
Full paper Sign Language Corpora for Analysis, Processing and Evaluation
Slides Sign Language Corpora for Analysis, Processing and Evaluation
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