Summary of the paper

Title Towards Investigating Effective Affective Dialogue Strategies
Authors Gregor Bertrand, Florian Nothdurft, Steffen Walter, Andreas Scheck, Henrik Kessler and Wolfgang Minker
Abstract We describe an experimentalWizard-of-Oz-setup for the integration of emotional strategies into spoken dialogue management. With this setup we seek to evaluate different approaches to emotional dialogue strategies in human computer interaction with a spoken dialogue system. The study aims to analyse what kinds of emotional strategies work best in spoken dialogue management especially facing the problem that users may not be honest about their emotions. Therefore as well direct (user is asked about his state) as indirect (measurements of psychophysiological features) evidence is considered for the evaluation of our strategies.
Topics Dialogue, Speech resource/database, Acquisition
Full paper Towards Investigating Effective Affective Dialogue Strategies
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