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Title A Database for the Exploration of Spanish Planning
Authors Carlos Gómez Gallo, T. Florian Jaeger and Katrina Furth
Abstract We describe a new task-based corpus in the Spanish language. The corpus consists of videos, transcripts, and annotations of the inter- action between a naive speaker and a confederate listener. The speaker instructs the listener to MOVE, ROTATE, or PAINT objects on a computer screen. This resource can be used to study how participants produce instructions in a collaborative goal-oriented scenario, in Spanish. The data set is ideally suited for investigating incremental processes of the production and interpretation of language. We demonstrate here how to use this corpus to explore language-specific differences in utterance planning, for English and Spanish speakers.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Dialogue, Discourse annotation, representation and processing
Full paper A Database for the Exploration of Spanish Planning
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