Summary of the paper

Title WikiWoods: Syntacto-Semantic Annotation for English Wikipedia
Authors Dan Flickinger, Stephan Oepen and Gisle Ytrestøl
Abstract WikiWoods is an ongoing initiative to provide rich syntacto-semantic annotations for English Wikipedia. We sketch an automated processing pipeline to extract relevant textual content from Wikipedia sources, segment documents into sentence-like units, parse and disambiguate using a broad-coverage precision grammar, and support the export of syntactic and semantic information in various formats. The full parsed corpus is accompanied by a subset of Wikipedia articles for which gold-standard annotations in the same format were produced manually. This subset was selected to represent a coherent domain, Wikipedia entries on the broad topic of Natural Language Processing.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Grammar and Syntax, Semantics
Full paper WikiWoods: Syntacto-Semantic Annotation for English Wikipedia
Slides WikiWoods: Syntacto-Semantic Annotation for English Wikipedia
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