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Title The Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Spanish
Authors Francisco Torreira and Mirjam Ernestus
Abstract This article describes the preparation, recording and orthographic transcription of a new speech corpus, the Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Spanish (NCCSp). The corpus contains around 30 hours of recordings of 52 Madrid Spanish speakers engaged in conversations with friends. Casual speech was elicited during three different parts, which together provided around ninety minutes of speech from every group of speakers. While Parts 1 and 2 did not require participants to perform any specific task, in Part 3 participants negotiated a common answer to general questions about society. Information about how to obtain a copy of the corpus can be found online at
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Speech resource/database, Phonetic Databases, Phonology
Full paper The Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Spanish
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