Summary of the paper

Title Induction of Treebank-Aligned Lexical Resources
Authors Tejaswini Deoskar and Mats Rooth
Abstract We describe the induction of lexical resources from unannotated corpora that are aligned with treebank grammars, providing a systematic correspondence between features in the lexical resource and a treebank syntactic resource. We first describe a methodology based on parsing technology for augmenting a treebank database with linguistic features. A PCFG containing these features is created from the augmented treebank. We then use a procedure based on the inside-outside algorithm to learn lexical resources aligned with the treebank PCFG from large unannotated corpora. The method has been applied in creating a feature-annotated English treebank based on the Penn Treebank. The unsupervised estimation procedure gives a substantial error reduction (up to 31.6%) on the task of learning the subcategorization preference of novel verbs that are not present in the annotated training sample.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Statistical methods, Parsing Systems
Full paper Induction of Treebank-Aligned Lexical Resources
Slides Induction of Treebank-Aligned Lexical Resources
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